Lylewood Deed (Transcript)

The following is a transcript of the DEED for Lylewood Christian Camp. It is provided for informational purposes.



Arch Lyle, et ux

To:  Deed

Lylewood Christian Camp


FOR AND IN CONSIDERATION of ONE DOLLAR ($1.00) and other good and valuable consideration, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, we, ARCH LYLE and wife, EDWINA H. LYLE, do this day bargain, sell, transfer and convey unto LYLEWOOD CHRISTIAN CAMP, a Tennessee Corporation, its successors and assigns forever, the following described real estate situated in the 1st Civil District of Stewart county, Tennessee, to-wit:


Beginning at a steel fence post in south of gulley and running with the meanders of said gulley as follows:


1.  N. – 49 degrees                             E. – 100 feet

2.  N. – 42 degrees – 30’                    E. – 100 feet

3.  N. -49 degrees                               E. – 100 feet

4.  N. – 61 degrees                             E. – 200 feet

5.  N. – 56 degrees                             E. – 100 feet

6.  N. – 51 degrees                             E. – 152 feet

to a steel fence in the edge of a road:

7.  N. – 6 degrees – 30’                      E. – 286 feet

to a wire fence near pond:

8.  S. – 76 degrees                              W. – 127 feet

9.  N. – 6 degrees                               W. – 257 feet

to a steel fence post:

10. S. – 73 degrees                              W. – 278 feet

11. S. – 70 degrees                              W. – 100 feet

12. S. – 64 degrees – 15’                     W. – 100 feet

13. S. – 71 degrees                              W. – 100 feet

14. S. – 76 degrees                              W. – 100 feet

15. S. – 37 degrees – 30’                     W. – 200 feet

16. S. – 40 degrees                              W. – 200 feet

17. S. – 36 degrees – 30’                     W. – 100 feet

to a steal fence post near edge of road:

18. S. – 63 degrees                              E. – 100 feet

19. S. – 52 degrees                              E. – 486 feet


Being the same property conveyed to Arch Lyle and wife, Edwina H. Lyle, by deed of record in Book 131, page 582, Register’s Office for Stewart County, Tennessee.


Said property is located on Lock C. Road and described according to plat of survey for Church Camp, as shown on record in Book 98, page 479, Register’s Office, Stewart County, Tennessee.


TO HAVE AND TO HOLD said real estate unto the said LYLEWOOD CHRISTIAN CAMP, a Tennessee Corporation, its successors and assigns forever.

WE COVENANT that we are lawfully seized and possessed of said real estate and have a good and lawful right to convey same:  that it is unencumbered and we will forever warrant and defend the title thereto against the lawful claims of all persons whatsoever.

By acceptance and recording of this instrument, the Grantees bind themselves to the following:

“More effectively to assure and guarantee the use of the property herein conveyed to the ends and purposes for which this conveyance is made, the following stipulations shall authorize any member of the Church of Christ in good standing to bring suit to require compliance therewith, and if condition is not corrected, the property will revert to the original owners or their heirs:

(1)   No mechanical musical instrument shall be used in services of worship.

(2)   No person undertaking to teach the doctrine commonly known as premillenialism shall be permitted to use the property herein above conveyed for the furtherance of said doctrine.

(3)   No practices of worship which do not strictly adhere to the teachings of the New Testament shall be permitted upon the premises hereinabove conveyed.

(4)   The dress and behavior of the participants shall be at all times modest and such as becometh Christians.

(5)   The property shall never be used for activities that encourage worldliness such as dances, card parties, mixed swimming, etc.

(6)   No person undertaking to teach false doctrine shall be permitted to use the property for the furtherance of said doctrine.

(7)   No society, agency or group other than those approved by the entire Board of Director’s shall be allowed to use this property.

(8)   The activities shall be under the supervision of members of the Church of Christ in good standing, but children admitted may be from any group.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set out signatures on this the ____ day of March, 1965.


Arch Lyle                               

Arch Lyle


Edwina H. Lyle                      

Edwina H. Lyle





Personally appeared before me, the undersigned, a Notary Public in and for said State and County, ARCH LYLE and wife, EDWINA H. LYLE, the within named bargainers, with whom I am personally acquainted and who acknowledged that they executed the foregoing instrument for the purposes therein contained.


Witness my hand and seal at office, on this the 3rd ay of April, 1965.


My Commission Expires:  1-15-67                                        Philip S. Waynick                  

(SEAL)                                                                                    Notary Public




I hereby certify that the foregoing instrument is recorded in my office in Book No. 167 Page 237 and was received on the  5 day of November, 1965 1225 PM, o’clock

Noted in File Book I Page 391

Roslyn Taylor            Register

By                                Deputy Register

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