Middle/High School Spring Retreat

Attention all Middle School and High School Students! Join us Friday, April 6, through Sunday April 8, 2018, for grades 6 – 12 at Lylewood Christian Camp for our Spring Retreat entitled: The Greatest Show.

The Greatest show on Earth is the Kingdom of God, and YOU have a part in it. Not only are you invited to join, our Heavenly Father created you (uniquely) to be an important part of His Kingdom and the body of Christ. During this weekend we will be learning to say NO to the world and YES to the Word. We will dive into topics such as pressures the world puts on us, how following Christ isn’t always easy, and how God knows us better than anyone ever will…even with all our scares and weaknesses…and yet LOVES us unconditionally! Join us as together we learn how to better live in His Kingdom (The Greatest Show) today!

 So mark your calendars for this great event! Don’t forget, if you have never been to camp, Spring retreat is FREE! See you at camp!

-Aaron Johnson, Youth Minister,  Pegram Church of Christ

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