Staton Rex Shelby 1/26/1923 – 2/15/2020

Tribute words by George Shelton
I have known Mr. Rex Shelby since l was 2 years old and started attending Dotsonville Church of Christ. When Dotsonville installed elders many years later, he was one the obvious choices to be an elder. He was the personification of a Southern gentleman and as fine of a godly man as l have ever known.
Mr. Rex would be one of several people responsible for me being involved at Lylewood. In 1978, the Dotsonville congregation paid for me to attend a week of camp and that week changed my life. Mr. Rex was a major contributor and leader in making sure the money was available for me to go. Without him and some others, l would likely never have gotten involved with camp. By the way, camp cost was $40 dollars back then. Needless to say, he made a major impact on my life and so many others.

He was indeed a founding member of the Lylewood Christian Camp board. l am not sure how long he stayed on the board, but he was a big supporter of camp for the rest of his life. Incidentally, Mike Shelby, who just did the work on the cabins for us, is Mr. Rex’s grandson and was baptized at camp himself in the early 80s.

Lylewood Roots run Deep and the canopy is Vast. Obituary

By George Shelton, Feb 16, 2020

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