by Aaron Johnson.
I can only imagine what your household is doing this month. If it’s anything like mine, you are trying your best to finish up the school year while keeping all the graduation parties, ceremonies, and family events on your radar for schedule purposes. From week to week you will find me in the graduation card isle of my local store, checking list and making sure I haven’t forgotten anything or anyone all the while still planning my summer schedule. If this is you…then have no fear…we have one week (possible two) covered for you. As you are planning your busy summers we hope you will leave a week for summer camp at Lylewood. Here at Pegram, the high-light for many of our teens summer is their week spent at camp. Not only is it faith forming, it is also a time to re-connect with friends from last year or perhaps form new friendships that will last a life-time…I know it was for me. Our Theme for this summer is “Messy.”  We will be studying how Jesus not only wants to help us through our “Messy” lives, he also wants to be in the mess with us. We will explore how our relationship with Jesus will not only influence, but hopefully change our perspective of the “Messy” lives we all lead. Pair this with swimming, hikes, camp fires and a lot of messy games and you have the makings of a summer week you will never forget. Please mark your calendars, pack your bags and be ready to get “Messy” with us!

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