Top 25 List

Top 25 Fun Things to do at Lylewood

Submitted by: Cathy Mimms with help from John, Mary Beth, Ben, and Katherine
25. Cleaning the cabins
24. Washing dishes
23. Walking the loop before breakfast
22. Hearing Baby Jim, Sonny, and Mad Myrtle stories
21. Listening to Mrs. web domain name generator . Amy Glenn’s “clean your plate and stack your dishes” song.
20. Having fun
19. Love line
18. Attending the Spring Retreat
17. Attending the Fall Retreat
16. Being at camp for a whole week during the summer
15. Seeing old friends again
14. Eating, eating, eating, and eating
13. Bible lessons
12. Scavenger hunts
11. Swimming
10. Skit/talent night
9. Sweetheart kickball
8. Singing
7. Being away from brothers and sisters for a whole week
6. Hiking to the bridge
5. Singing on the Lyles porch
4. Eating ice cream on a hot, hot day
3. Making new friends that will last a lifetime
2. Being close to God
1. Baptisms

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